Digital Computer Controls - D-116 16-Bit LSI/MSI Computer Handbook

As with DEC handbooks, this tells you basically everything you need to know about the D-116 computer.

BUT THE FUN only starts there ... This is an interesting story in computer history.

Data General Corporation introduced the NOVA 1200 - one of the first 16 bit computers in 1970.
It was actually a very good design at the time.

In 1971, the president of Digital Computer Controls bought a NOVA 1200 from a third party and obtained from the third party the complete design documents including drawing which were labeled confidential.

DCC then proceeded to produce an essentially identical machine called the D-116.

As you can read in Wikipedia, Data General sued them and it was a seminal law case in computer history.

I designed some interfaces for NOVA 1200's and actually used this for information on building them because it was better documentation than I could get for the NOVA 1200 itself.

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